The Chinese population in Paris: identities and identifications under transformation

Since the first demonstration at Belleville, in 2010, the Chinese/Asian populations in France have been seeking their places, their words, and their identities in the social and political landscape. Based on the observation of increasing visibility, there is a generational shift among community representatives and a transformation of the forms of mobilization, discourses and expectations. This project sets out to explore the cross-analysis of both endogenous and exogenous identification processes, questioning the current shift from various groups that constitute the Chinese/Asian populations in France, as well as from the impact of transnational practices on citizen identity. The project also looks at the forms of cooperation with the political and associative world, particularly around issues of discrimination.

Exploring in the fields of political science, sociology, and anthropology, the project brings together many of young researchers and doctoral students who, for the past few years, have undertaken diversified qualitative research on Chinese migrants and their descendants, which will eventually contribute to making up for the lack of research on this minority group.

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