ISSCO 2019 Conference – International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas

2 panels organized by our team members Li Zhipeng and Wang Simeng

Li Zhipeng chairs the panel Chinese Business and Entrepreneurship:Cultural Networks and Opportunities in Europe

Wang Simeng chairs the panel 亲属关系与代际更迭:以欧洲华人为例 (Intergenerational and kinship relations among Chinese migrants to Europe)

Papers presented by the members of the team :
Li Zhipeng : “Chinese ethnic media in France and its relations with China” and “Rethinking Chinese entrepreneurship in France: The economic model of the Wenzhou diaspora”
Hélène Le Bail : “Descendants of the Chinese diaspora in France and “Anti-Asian Racism””
Tamara Lui : “旅法华裔老年人面对家庭和代际关系的困境和应对: 以巴黎民间社区协会的老人会员为例”
Wang Simeng : “New mobilities and entrepreneurship trajectories among descendants of Chinese migrants in Europe” and “A Case of Double Socialisation in the Social Sciences: The Experience of Chinese Researchers Trained in France” 


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